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About NAMC

The National Association of Mothers' Centers focuses its work in three areas: Motherhood, Work/Life and Advocacy.

Mothers' Centers began as a grassroots, mom-to-mom support program. Our network of local programs still offers the opportunity to have discussion among mothers to recognize the challenges, realities and value of mothering. These programs offer moms and other caregivers friendship, support, empathy, information and resources. Our Mothers Central blog offers parenting conversations that explore real, authentic motherhood experiences, insights and questions.

The NAMC offers an Annual Work/Life Conference to make a business case for flex options in the workplace which we know most employees (especially moms) need to manage their work and personal responsibilities. We also host the Sloan Awards for Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility to highlight companies that do this well.

Over time we expanded our work to include work/life and advocacy issues that impact mothers and their families greatly and affect a mother's financial well-being. Through the NAMC's Advocacy Initiative, we advocate for the economic support of caregiving in public policy. Our Woman In Washington blog keeps readers up to date on public policy that impacts mothers and families.

Our webinars offer dynamic topics on parenting, personal development, work/life and advocacy from the comfort of your home.

The vision of the National Association of Mothers' Centers is a society where the work of taking care of others is valued, supported, at the center of public discussion and a priority in public policy.

Who We Serve

The National Association of Mothers’ Centers addresses the needs of many audiences, all working toward the same goals. We serve:

  • Mothers.
  • Caregivers.
  • Mothers’ Center program leaders, staff and members.
  • Other organizations working with and for mothers and families.
  • Employers who want to help employees effectively meet the demands of both work and family.

What We Do

Mothers’ Centers offer opportunities for discussion, connection and the sharing of our stories with other mothers in a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing environment. Our Mothers’ Center programs, events, and MOTHERS public policy initiative all lead not only to healthier, happier mothers, but healthier children, families and communities, too.

In all of our work, we provide opportunities to connect, to share, to learn, and to advocate by offering:

  • Referrals to professionals and organizations that serve the needs of mothers and families.
  • Educational materials about parenting, advocacy and work/life integration.
  • Technical assistance to Mothers’ Center program participants and individuals interested in starting a center in their community.
  • Monthly eNews update that keeps readers current on events, public policy issues, parenting and caregiving topics.
  • Ongoing coordination, training, and support for program leaders and staff.
  • A virtual and face-to-face network of mothers and caregivers worldwide.

What We Believe

The work of mothering benefits all of us - children, families and society. But it requires much physical and mental energy, strength and the ability to function with limited social support. And it is only getting more complex, placing added pressures on those who care for others. Family members are often scattered in different locales, leaving caregivers without relatives to call upon for support or reprieve. Many families face a “care crunch,” juggling responsibilities of raising kids and helping aging parents in addition to outside jobs. In many two-parent families, both partners work demanding jobs outside the home.

We believe that caregivers have the right to do such essential work in a truly supportive and empathetic environment. That means recognizing the value of their work. It means addressing their economic, social, educational, psychological and physical needs. It means creating places and programs that make it possible to tap into decades of collective wisdom and the experience of other mothers. It means giving women - and men - the time, space and respect to clarify their unique needs and make the best choices for themselves and their families. No parent or child deserves anything less.

Our Values and Principles

The following values and principles guide our work, our programs and our plans:

We respect, attend to and continually learn about motherhood and the experience of care giving by:

  • Serving mothers throughout their lives.
  • Asking mothers and families about their needs.
  • Helping women promote their own, and their family’s, health and development by offering programs they find relevant and insightful.

We provide programs, forums and activities that motivate individuals, families and organizations by:

  • Making the most of the tremendous talents and energy of Mothers’ Center leaders.
  • Adding to the collective knowledge and wisdom about motherhood and caregiving by encouraging the exchange of ideas.
  • Incorporating information about child development in Mothers’ Center program planning and operations.
  • Providing ongoing training for Mothers’ Center leaders, child care staff and members.

We lead by:

  • Encouraging members to create and shape programs that meet their community’s needs.
  • Fostering the growth of members, participants and programs through the use of non-hierarchical models.
  • Offering support, guidance and technical assistance to members and their programs.

We build a supportive environment that promotes empathy, fosters personal growth and builds relationships by:

  • Encouraging non-judgmental attitudes that enhance communication and rapport between members.
  • Using a non-hierarchical structure.
  • Staying responsive to the needs of local residents and Mothers’ Center members.

We amplify individual voices and advocate for change by:

  • Creating a national network and movement of informed, connected mothers.
  • Initiating social advocacy projects that help make community institutions more relevant and responsive to the needs of mothers and their families.
  • Helping women identify the issues affecting their lives and the tools they can use to work toward change.

Join Us

Join our efforts to raise the visibility and respect that mothering and care giving deserve.

We look forward to working with you! Thank you in advance for your support.