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Alison La Ferlita
“Mommy, Somebody Needs You.”

Kate Fineske
Tribute to My Mother’s Strength

Catherine Gates
When to Worry (Hint: Never)

Lisa Kaplan-Miller
Six Parenting Vocabulary Lessons

Kristel Lazarus
Turning Points

Viviania Russell
The Mom I Thought I Would Be vs. The Mom I Am

Valerie Young
An Inconvenient Truth? Maybe My Career Is Actually Hurting My Family.*

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Brain, Mother: The Blog for Thinking Mothers
Blogger: Marcelle Soviero, Individual Member
Description: Brain, Mother is literary, fresh, and relatable. We don’t post top ten lists, how-to articles or product review, our blog essays are all edited and crafted to provide readers with insight into topics moms care about.

Breathing In This Life – Yogic Medicine for Women
Blogger: Ginger Garner PT, MPT, ATC, PYT Ind. NAMC Member
Description: A medical advocacy blog written by a nationally recognized Medical Yoga educator who hopes to empower women about their rights and options in holistic health and well-being. Ginger is a mother of three sons, and in addition to guest authors, frequently shares her own experiences and professional wisdom about living Zen – through pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and beyond.

Tell Another Mom
Blogger: Janet Casey, Individual NAMC Member
Description: The Tell Another Mom mission is to stop judging other mothers and instead support one another through encouragement. We’ve all either been judged or criticized in some way by another Mom, just as I’m sure many of us have done to another. So here’s our chance to change that… TELL ANOTHER MOM that she’s doing a GOOD JOB.

Burlington VT Moms Blog
Blogger: Heather Polifka-Rivas, Individual NAMC Member
Description: Covering a wide variety of topics, from baby must-haves to general motherhood musings, this Burlington Vermont based blog is comprised of several mother writers. Guest writers include other local mothers as well as an occasional dad discussing topics such as autism awareness and mom-prenuers!

WellGrounded Life
Blogger: Lisa Grace Byrne
Description: Equipping moms to live vibrant lives through learning how to deeply care for their own well being and vitality while navigating the tremendous journey of motherhood. Offers extensive free resources as well as many classes, workshops and courses helping moms live into their best and brightest selves.

Blogger: Justin Near, Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo
Description: A life blog for those wishing to see a touch of reality beside a touch of the unknown.

On-the-Go Momma
Blogger: Kate Fineske, Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo
Description: On-the-go, not-so-perfect, often forgetful yet well meaning mom of three reflecting on her life as a woman, mother, wife, friend, writer, employee and whatever other experience each day throws at her.

Parent From The Heart
Blogger: Erika Stroh, Individual NAMC Member
Description: Parenting stories and insights… from the heart.

Thompson Tetrad
Blogger: Katherine Thompson, Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo
Description: This is the story of the day to day life of the Thompson family. In 2010 we moved to China and this blog (originally created in 2007) has become a perfect way for people to stay connected with us and our adventures.

Blogger: Julie Estlick, Mothers’ Center of Fort Collins (CO)
Description: The chronicles of our lives in the Rocky Mountain West as a family of three with a young, cheeky son and two hunting cats. Links to some of my published work as a freelance journalist and my huband’s electronic music are included.

Real Estate and Refinement
Blogger: Kristie Feeback, Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo
Description: A mom’s and Realtor’s perspective on home, garden and savvy lifestyle discoveries!

Blogger: Sara Smith, Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo
Description: Sara is a wife and mom of 2 who is passionate about interior design. She loves to help clients create spaces that express their own personality and style, and blogs about her ideas and inspirations.

Whitney Brennan Studio
Blogger: Whitney Brennan, Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo
Description: Whitney is an Art Director, turned wife, turned mother who had forgotten how much she enjoyed being behind the camera lens. After having difficulties getting personal photos developed because stores believed her pictures were taken professionally, she finally decided to take her hobby one step further!

Catherine Wright’s Weblog
Blogger: Catherine Wright, NAMC Staff Member
Description: The personal blog of a mom, an organizational development professional, and a speaker – which chronicles her career steps, her family life and her insight on getting the most out of life and living on purpose.