Mothers in the Workforce – An Interview with Kristie Feeback

by Kate Fineske on January 9, 2014 · 1 comment

Every family, every parent, every mother has different experiences, different career aspirations and different ways in which they prioritize their time.

To help better recognize and commend these differences, we are highlighting the lives of mothers in the workforce by asking our members questions exploring:

  • What led them to stay active in their careers
  • What support they utilize to help them navigate their way
  • How this has impacted their mothering experiences

To date we’ve highlighted two of our members: Kate Mahoney – a college graphic design professor, and Melani Denzer – an HR consultant.

Next up is Kristie Feeback, a Realtor and member of the Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo.

Kristie Feeback

Kristie and her husband Jeremy with their two Children Mia (soon-to-be age 7) and Charlie (age 5).

Q: Give us a quick timeline of your career path.
A: My career path has traveled in many directions. After my college graduation in 1996, I took a job with Jenny Craig weight loss. I was bored and unfulfilled, which ultimately led to quitting the position and starting a graduate program in Education. During my graduate studies, I picked up shifts at Nordstrom, and—to my surprise—I was quickly promoted through the company. Eventually, I decided to halt my studies to further my career at Nordstrom.

Then, in 2003 my husband and I were forced to make a decision: move forward in my current career or move back to our hometown of Toledo, OH for my husband to pursue his career. We chose the latter. My father suggested I get my Real Estate license and, after initially disregarding the suggestion, I finally “gave in” (following further persuasion from my father and brother who are also in the industry). Honestly, I never would have imagined how much I’d enjoy my path as a Realtor. I guess one could say it’s in my blood! Through every direction life’s taken since (including my leap into parenting) I’ve maintained this career path and haven’t looked back.

Q: What is the key component of your support system?  
A: Plain and simple: my husband. My job is crazy—no benefits, insane hours, 100% commission—there is absolutely no way I could mange what I do without him.

Q: Looking back at your motherhood and career path, describe your hardest moments.
A: When people are buying or selling Real Estate, they are typically dealing with the largest investment of their life. My job as a realtor is to guide others though this transaction while helping them feel educated and confident about their decision. The hardest moments are when clients get so caught up in their own needs that they become disrespectful of my time (which impacts my other responsibilities as a mother, wife and daughter). You wouldn’t call your attorney at 11:00 at night or 6:00 on Sunday, why the disregard for my profession as a Realtor? On the other hand, a client can’t read my mind, so I’ve learned to talk with them up front about the hours I work and when I am taking time for my family. Learning this more direct approach was my personal and professional “Ah-ha moment”.

Q: What do you know now that you wish you had known earlier?
A: Professionally: Having the same process for every client regardless of if I know them or not is critical. Personally: Valuing my time (because no one else will) and gaining the ability to be more business-like with friends when in a business-related situation.

It definitely continues to be a struggle to maintain adequate balance between my work and my everyday life, but I’m loving the challenge and have two confident, beautiful children and one very patient husband cheering me along!


Each woman steps through their life differently. We thank Kristie for fearlessly sharing her own experiences and work/life journey with us here at Mothers Central.

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Kate Fineske January 9, 2014 at 7:34 am

Thanks again for sharing your experiences with our community here at Mothers Central Kristie. I completely relate to your “Ah-ha moment” of being more direct with others about your time. It is so important to value your time and to be able to realize when to say no. (Something I am still constantly working at myself!)


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